Offset & 21 Savage – Heathen [Mp3 Download]


Mp3 Download Offset & 21 Savage – Heathen

Free Download Offset & 21 Savage – Heathen mp3

“Heathen” is another joint effort by American rappers “Offset” and “21 Savage“.

Quotable lyrics:-

[Chorus: Offset]
(Hey) ‘Fore I take a nap (Nap), ’fore I go to sleep (Sleep)
Count a hunnid racks while I’m praying on my knees (Racks)
Choppa with 50, wicker make the bitch breathe (Wick)
Never snitching, never switching, nigga, nigga please (Never)
Pouring up the cheese, throwing up a couple P’s (Cheese)
Ain’t going out the side, nigga, you don’t read? (Who?)
Everybody having paper, ain’t nobody greedy (Greedy)
Thotties in the room, after 9 AM, they cannot eat me
I keep talking ’bout her ’cause I’m missing Pistol P’s (Pistol P)
Juju on my shoulder, you a angel, watch the demons (Watch it)
Or I’m in the pity, screaming “Ah” for hyenas (Ah)
Shoulda thought about it, watch your mouth when you see me (Watch your mouth)
Please don’t talk, send them shooters out, pop, beam (Baow)
We ain’t takin’ chains, we got too much Aquafina (Ice)
Can’t come up in my trap, at the door, you get it screamin’ (Nah)
When the money involved, it summon all the heathens (Ooh)

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